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(07810) 058100

(01633) 889021

Louby’s Childcare Services - presented by Louise Pitman

Professional Childcare based in Undy and Magor, Monmouthshire

Tel: (07810) 058100

or (01633) 889021

Our typical day involves school runs including nursery and playgroup with children being dropped off or collected.

During the week we attend regular toddler groups and indoor soft play areas. This is a great opportunity for your child to interact with other children and start to socialise, learn to share and make friendships.

We have plenty of time throughout the day for both indoor and outdoor play with a range of activities which consist of child initiated play and adult led arts & crafts.

Rest times and naps are fitted into our daily routines to suit the needs of your child.

These times are far from ‘set in stone’ they are purely as a guideline of the kind of things we do in an average day.

Our plans are very different during the school holidays, although there is some structure to the day we tend to do more spontaneous learning by going on various outings and so on.